Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Everywhere I Look. People Are Trying to Aggravate Me!

First, as you know I went out to buy a power cord for this laptop. EBay wanted .49 to $1.99 plus $8 to $10 in shipping. But I'd have to wait a week.

I thought it was worth the time to pay a little more at Staples or Best Buy. So my Dad took me over to Best Buy at Wellington - $49.99! Whiskey....Tango...well you know the rest.

We went to the Staples in Assembly Square, same deal plus ZERO customer service. Four unhelpful people. The exact opposite of the Staples downtown on Court Street. Lots of cheerful help and the service I needed, printing something......11 cents.

Anyway, screw this, I just bid on an EBay, brand new 12 month warranty......49 cents. Overnight shipping, $29 dollars. I save $20 and they bring it too me.

And that other trouble maker? NavyCS....I emailed him a question, which he very kindly answered. Then he made a joke about M&Ms. I said not to talk about M&Ms because today was the first day of Atkins. This is his reply -

"I will make every effort not to mention M&M’s again, or I will at least try and tone down the M&M speak until Atkins has been dismissed, then, I will again bring up M&M’s, although I may leave out any conversation relating to orange M&M’s, not sure I like his attitude. But anyway, from this point forward I will not speak of M&M’s...much.

Please pass our best to M&Mike – we look forward to seeing him and his wife (and of course you and your sistas) again during the next M&Milblog.

Your M&M eating friends,

Tom&m and Bonnie"

Why do I think that if he was here, he would be wiggling those cupcakes in front of my face?


Tom Goering said...

From now on, M&Mums the word!

Yer Marine said...

I would have gone about aggravating you, too, but you never signed on to FB.