Monday, August 29, 2011

I Ran Kanani Ragged!

Today was Kanani's last day in Boston, so she came over to Charlestown to meet up with me.

First stop.....Zume's Coffee House. I have sent out some tweets about this place because it's local. Today was my first visit. I loved my sandwich, Kanani loved hers....I was feeling pretty good about my tweets, lol.

I see a man who is clearly the manager or owner and I introduce myself. I tell him that I'm BostonMaggie and I tweet about his place, but now I'm here and I love it. He smiles. Then I start to explain the whole "real name" thing and his smile changes like I am saying something strange. So....I start father cousins are...... Finally, I give up and say "And your name is?" Now, he's laughing at me and says "John Doherty, Diane."

I was floored! We hung out in the same group for years! The same group that christened me "Maggie" in the first place! I jumped up out of my chair to hug him 27 times. What could we all do but laugh? That was what his smile was about.....he was waiting for my punchline.
Ok, so now we know my official FAVORITE Charlestown restaurant. It's a few doors down from Sue Lynch's Charlestown Yoga Studio/"There & Back Again". Sue, of course was an important part of this weekend's "War Photographers' Retreat".
So we started out in Thompson Square and toured the old Charlestown Savings Bank building, before heading up Warren Street. I gave my history of Charlestown that runs from the Revolution to the BRA the the El to ........ well, me. Because in the end, it's all about me. you knew that, right?
Next, it's over the North Washington Street Bridge to the North End. Copps Hill, the old North Church, Paul Revere Mall, North Square *deep breath*, North Square, Paul Revere's House and the famous "bed wrench" that story.

But you know where we ended up? Of course! Modern Pastry Shop! That's where we met Sam and Louis! Two gentleman (an Army vet and an Air Force vet) who were enjoying their pastries. We had a lovely chat with them about life, pastry, the North End and Charlestown.
After that it was back to my parent's house to put our feet up before joining friends for dinner.

What I want is to find ways to spread the word about the valuable work being down through places like "There & Back Again". So click the link, pass it along, help them out however you can.
"There & Back Again is a nonprofit organization that supports the well-being of service-members. Our mission is to provide reintegration support services to combat veterans of all conflicts"

And Kanani is fine....she'll sleep on the plane.

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