Sunday, August 21, 2011

Now Hear This!

The Order Of The Day for 21 AUG 2011

I am headed over to Grace's to hang with my nieces by the pool. I will pop on the Internet if the spirit moves me, but I have some varied reading......Vanity Fair Magazine, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and Dereliction of Duty by McMasters....if I had a Stephen King book it would be something for every mood!

Charity - I most certainly remember him, we sat across from each other at dinner and he was charming and witty.....good catch. Email me! You are "one of us" now. I am on gmail and yahoo as BostonMaggie.

I will be back and in front of my computer for MIDRATs #BlogTalkRadio at 1700 hours

MIDRATs will be followed by Pundit Review Radio on WRKO AM Radio 680, which you can listen to online with a link from their website. I'm pretty psyched about tonight's show because Kevin is having two political commentators I really like, Dennis Miller and Mark Steyn. That's in addition to his star event - every week Bruce McQain gives us "Someone You Should Know".

That is all. Have a great Navy Day!

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Charity said...

Aww, thanks Maggie! I still think he's quite the catch too!