Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm Wide Awake

The view from Jen's front door at high tide yesterday during Irene


phrank said...

Down here in Pensacola we get them fairly often. Hope that everyone up there is ok.

Charity said...

I'm assuming everything was ok since you went out for sandwiches in a later post! I dread hurricane season, I think they followed me from Pensacola to Norfolk. I'm envious of Jen's view - not too shabby.

BostonMaggie said...

For us in Boston, it was just a lot of rain and a little wind. So we were lucky.

Jen's view is totally awesome and at night the wind rips around the house like you ar4e at sea.

I have always loved Rocky Nook, I spent every summer there and when I married I bought a house there. I was in that house for 28 years.
Mine was up the street from Jen's, not on the water, but i loved it anyway.

Charity said...

I actually read your house post, I can't imagine but could relate. Since flight school we started buying where we're stationed, every three years we move, I always make the yard and house amazing (like Secret Garden amazing) and then just walk away. It breaks your heart a bit each time, and it's only 3 years. 28 would be rough.

BostonMaggie said...

Well, how I get through is imagining that the person who bought it finds things and likes them.

You should read this post from Kanani.

Charity said...

Thanks - I loved her post. We're actually spending 5 whole years in a 1930 Colonial that has endless charm, but the charm is definitely not free!