Friday, August 26, 2011

Atkins #FAIL

I've been sooooooo good for 18 days. Meat, salads, lots of water. Yoga and pilates and walking.

Then tonight I met up with Kanani Fong who is in town for the "War Photographers' Retreat"

First there was a delicious salad at Life Alive Urban Oasis & Organic Cafe. No meat in the place and my totally awesome Mystic Mountain Salad had apples and hummus. Bad, bad, bad.

But it didn't stop there. We went off in search of pastry. I know jack about Central Square except that it's a munchy-crunchy-granola-whale pushing place. So I stop in front of this club that has a line to get inside. I ask the woman standing closest to me - "Where would you go for drop dead pastry?" She says "Maria's in the North End."

I start laughing and almost slap my forehead. We are right next to the Central Square T station.
I turn my little group, Kanani & Jillian back toward the subway station and we were off. We hopped on the Red Line, transfer at Park for the Green Line and come out at Government Center. I pointed out City Hall and Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall, the Sam Adams Statue (more than just a beer); the Curley Statue, Union Oyster House, Haymarket, the Rose Kennedy Greenway....whew. Then we head up Hanover Street. I text "The Guy From Boston" and ask where we can go to sit down. He recommends Cafe Vittoria, but by then we were in the Modern Pastry line. I text him thanks, but we are at Modern, he laughs, it's the same pastry.

It was fabulously delicious.....I am on such a sugar rush right now!

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Kanani said...

Okay, so we're spending time together tomorrow.
And I promise to take you out for a MEAT dish. In fact, that's what I did all day today. I just ate meat. It was delicious and from Whole Foods. Jillian and I walked there in the rain. It was the only place open!