Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Know! I Know!

Where have I been?

I've been having fun and doing yoga and hiding from Hershey Nuggets with toffee.

Sunday I was lost.....there was no "Falling Skies", no "Walking Dead", no "The Killing". My Marine told me to stop pouting and go read.

Monday, my good friend CDR Mike Junge came up to Boston, but that will be it's own post.

Yesterday was very productive. I cleaned my room, washed the windows, got on my hands and knees and wiped all the baseboards. Followed by a mini spa.

Today was just regular yoga and a trip to Thompson Square. I picked up lemons and tea to make my own iced tea. I wanted to see if it was cheaper. I don't think it is when you factor in the cost of Splenda.

So last time I used the Barry's Tea, but it was a little too strong. This time is just regular orange pekoe. I was about to squeeze the lemons - which is damn near impossible with my hands - when I remembered the juicer we had when I was little. I figured it was long gone, but my day must have some kind of gadget.

I walked upstairs and asked if he had a juicer and he said "Downstairs in the chimney. Silver handle." So off I go down to the cellar where there is a niche from a chimney that was removed. I start looking and open a bag.........and....lo and behold, there was the original juicer. My mother came out to the kitchen, laughing at my glee. She said "You know where that came from?" I didn't so she told me. Nana (my father's mother) was working for a woman named Mrs. Sweeney. Mrs. Sweeney asked my grandmother if her newly married son and his bride could use this juicer she was getting rid of.

So it's older than me....

And it works!!

So I had this delicious iced tea with freshly squeezed lemons. It was the perfect accompaniment to my two petite filet mignons, medium rare, topped with boursin cheese. On days like this - I love Atkins!


NavyOne said...

Atkins IS great. . .

T said...

Can't help but notice the bottle of Jack Daniels in the background,

BostonMaggie said...

NavyOne - my family has been a fan of Atkins for many years. We (my Dad, my sister & I) are the people Atkins talks about who don't process carbs correctly. It doesn't work for everyone, but when I can put the chocolate and the bread falls off of me - 8 & a half pounds last week, more than the 10% of my goal. Atkins promises you will lose 10% of your goal in your first two weeks.

T - Why do you think there's always lemons in the house? LOL! Not mine, I still haven't been cleared to drink. I've snuck two CapeCodders in the past year.

NavyOne said...

Congrats Maggie!

Anonymous said...

Eat, drink, and be Maggie!