Thursday, August 25, 2011

When I Hit the Numbah.....

(Someone once asked me what that phrase meant, maybe it's a Boston thing - it means to win the lottery)

When I hit the numbah, every day will be like this.

I got up and read and surfed.

I did an hours worth of yoga and some light exercises.

I showered with fabulous body scrub.

Then I had a lovely relaxation massage at Beacon Massage on Newbury. Thank you Patrick! And thank you Bloomspot for the fabulous deal. Although it was so good, it would have been worth paying full price.

I walked across the Public Gardens and the Common on my way to and from. Had an interesting conversation with Emma, an Amnesty International volunteer. I explained that while her organization did many good things, they lost me with their holding countries that torture their citizens as morally equivalent to the US.

On my way home I stopped into Lamberts on Tremont and got fabulous roast beef which I took home and used to make carpacchio for dinner.

Every day should be like this.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely day! I'm so glad you had such a good time and it must have been beautiful.
How did you learn yoga? Did you go to a class, watch a dvd and do you feel comfortable and at peace when you finish your session?

phrank said...

The thing I notice as you get older is that more and more the little things matter. It's not riding down the rapids it's a quiet time alone or with someone you care about. There are many times that it is just nice to have peace and quiet. In a word that more and more has noise of some kind everywhere quiet is more cherished than ever.

BostonMaggie said...

You know, just the other night I was telling someone how I found yoga. I will have to write a post.

I don't know that it brings me peace. But it gives me a sense of accomplishment.