Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"What Are You Doing Today?"

My father greets me with this question as I eat Apple Jacks on the loveseat opposite my Mum.


"Ok, when you get dressed, I want milk and carrots." He is on his way out the door to meet the electrician around the corner at the other house my parents own. Then he tacks on.....

"And chocolate chip ice cream. That will make you walk faster."


So I shower, dress and head for Thompson Square. Remember, when I started these treks it was taking me 20 minutes, a rest on a bench, then 20 minutes back. Today I get to Thompson Square and there are three female USS Constitution Sailors rocking their digi-blues. We chit-chatted for a bit. I always meet somebody in Thompson Square. Then I picked up another script in CVS before heading into Johnnies Foodmaster.

Ice cream in hand, huff puff, huff puff, got that ice cream home in 9 minutes!

Later I took the Bunka bus over to Staples on Court Street. On the way MBTA Operator #68053 took the time to be really nice to some tourists in City Square. She was pleasant to everyone, but that was the highlight. I spoke to her briefly before I exited, she was a Townie.

I got my stuff at Staples, walked around the area, grabbed some cupcakes at Sweet Cupcakes and this time I remember to stop in the Old South Meeting House to get some Boston Tea Party Tea. You see Old South Meeting House was tweeting about the cupcakes at Sweet. So I went and grabbed a few. When I tweeted that I got them......Old South immediately comes out and says "Why didn't you get some tea from us to go with them?" So today I got both. I have to put it out on Twitter.

Dinner was reheated Papa Gino's Rustico pizza w/meatballs...........mmmmm.

Overall, a productive day.


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Oh sure,... now there's cupcakes !