Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's Next A Tupperware Bed?

Remember back in January when my Dad was trying to cook my brain?

Yeah well last night I slept in a fridge!

Apparently my Dad wanted to cool off the 3rd floor, so he set the AC in my room for 60. I didn't notice - I just shut the door and went to bed. This morning I woke up and realized I was huddled under the covers......and I didn't want to come out. For a second I thought I was in Jennifer's house!

I sent Jen & Grace text messages saying that Dad made sure I woke up in Alaska. Jen replied that he was "just trying to preserve my freshness". Really.....does he think I am leftovers....he cooks me then he refrigerates me......what's next? A Tupperware bed?

So I am waaaaaah....just laying around trying to get going. I'm already missing stuff. They held the opening ceremony for the Boston HarborFest today at noon in Faneuil Hall. There was cake and I missed it.

Plus my cousin Chrissie asked if I wanted to come over and have my picture taken with the Stanley Cup. But, I just couldn't make it. That would have been wicked cool though, huh? I sent a text to the Favorite Naval Consort. He said "That would be great on the blog. Not that you'd gloat or anything." LOL! He knows me well! Gloat is one of my favorite words......just like
Schadenfreude is ....yeah, I know, I am Miss Mature.

But I think I will make it down to the Navy Yard later. Boston HarborFest and Boston By Foot are getting together for a special tour tonight "Charlestown: Where Boston Began". At the rate I am moving, I should just about make it, lol!

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