Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Holy Crap - They Arrested Whitey!

Police: Mobster Whitey Bulger arrested in Calif.

LOS ANGELES—James "Whitey" Bulger, a notorious Boston gangster on the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted" list for his alleged role in 19 murders, has been captured near Los Angeles after living on the run for 16 years, authorities said Wednesday.

Back in the day, I thought nothing of Whitey and his "Gentleman Bandit" kind of rep. But once the truth came out that changed. He was truly a sick POS. I hope it was hard being on the lam and I hope he gets real jail time. I will be very disappointed if he gets any compassion from a judge due to his age.

There's no WAY I am missing a minute of Howie Carr's radio show tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

It's Important to note that you bought the "Gentleman Bandit" rep because from 1970-1995 the F.B.I. sold the "Whitey makes Boston safe" to everyone they came across. Whitey was protected by the Feds BEFORE they assigned Agent Connolly to the case. In 1970 Whitey had been AWOL, comitted armed Robbery(twice) and assaulted three people, So why was he even on the streets?