Sunday, June 05, 2011

Breakfast With A Blogger

Today this Townie girl ventured all the way to the wilds of South Boston for a blogger meet!

Seriously, I took to Red Line to Andrew to meet up with a blogger who keeps her deets under wraps. So I will just say....."Elle" and I enjoyed scrambled eggs and bacon and lots of great conversation. Although, now that I think abut it, I forgot to ask about "Mr. Big"!

But we did talk Sox! Elle is a big fan and yesterday's game was some solace given the way the Bruins game turned out. Not to say I am worried. Everything will change once we get them back to Boston.

We saw each other at the MilBlog, but there were a hundred other people we wanted to pay attention to there. It was great to have a sitdown with just us.

I was walking back to Andrew and started to think about the rest of the day. It struck me that the cottage is unoccupied, so I might head down. It's the land of no Internet, but everything else is so awesome.....

High tide tomorrow is around 4 pm and the high for tomorrow is expected to be 70 and sunny. That sounds good, doesn't it?


pat said...

Been following your blog for a while. Arty type, Canada spent time air OP; father was RCNVR wwII, not vet.-2 medals. Always enjoyed NAVY regardless of nationality. Been on ACC of GB, USA, AUS, BZ, CDA, Subs: CDA, US nuke,WWII, and up to prior Nautalus some S/A country WWII, . BB, C,CL,DD,DDH,F,FFG, and others.
My gg uncle MM WWI-
Me. Cda. does not give medals for "in".
Never regretted it.
But. I will follow the Sox- especially again the damn Yankees; but sorry...... GO BLUE (or visiting Bos.) WHITE.

elle said...

It was quality time indeed, I'm so glad we met up. And the Sox won again yesterday, all is right with the world! The Bruins got this.

As for Mr. Big, oh, there's an update alright.