Friday, May 30, 2008

You Shouldn't Use The Word Pudding If You Don't Mean It

I laughed so hard, I crossed the solid line. It was ok, I was alone on the road. I was driving Jen home from dinner with Ed & I. We went to the new restaurant in Plymouth, Chroma. They opened on Wednesday, we were there on Thursday. It was a soft opening, we only knew it was open because Ed heard someone talk about it.

First impression, light. It has a very clean look, high ceilings, white walls, wide open room, diffuse lighting. I liked it. We wanted to sit at the bar, but there weren't three seats together. It's so new, you can smell the fresh paint in the ladies room.

The hostess - eh. We wanted a stand up table by the far wall. She pointed out that they only seated two people. Ok, so pull two of them together. She led us to a six seater in the center of the restaurant. No problem, Princess Crabby loves the spotlight. But I am big on - "if I ask and you can.....comply". Then a few minutes after drinks arrived she randomly came up and made a show of moving a small vase of flowers "out of your way". It wasn't, so it was odd.

The waitress - friendly, attentive, a little nervous.

The busboy - flustered, but that had more to do with being peppered with multiple requests and questions (you know, wherever I am, there is a circus). He wasn't great, but I got what I wanted and in the end...that's all that matters.

Appetizers - Ed and I ordered the capaccio, Jen asked for the baked dough balls. Ed thought she was making fun of something. She asked where Jen saw them. Turns out Jen's menu was different than ours. Then the waitress told us that they weren't supposed to be on the menu but the kitchen had decided to make them especially for Jennifer. She liked that!

When they arrived with their garlic butter and olive tapenade, they were nearly irresistable. Ed and I found the capaccio to be too thick. She didn't like the aioli, I did. Ed explained the waitress, very nicely, that the beef should be much thinner. They were asking for feedback, they got it.

Dinner - I got crabmeat stuffed sole that was utterly fabulous. If I had fallen off Atkins and stolen one of Jen's dough balls, I would have wiped the plate clean. Jen had a pizza that she really liked. Ed had a salad that looked ok and got no comment.

Dessert - Only Jen got some, Ed & I are on Atkins. Jen ordered the English Toffee pudding. Well, you know the Americans and the English are two people separated by a common language. It was some kind of cakey thing. She didn't finish it. I made her pack it, Nic & Rachael in the office will do it justice.

Ed's Stroke - So the waitress commented that she thought we would probably be regulars and she should learn our names. I was about to answer when Ed pointed to me and said "Maggie" (ok, she used my real name, they only call me Maggie when I am being outrageous), then she pointed at herself and announced "Ed".....then she gestured toward Jen........silence. I had to cover my mouth! We have been hanging out for years. And I have known Ed for just about 18 years. Jen worked with is for a while. She just completely blanked and couldn't stop laughing. I finally got the words out and and told Susan, our waitress, that our third was "My sister, Jennifer". Jen was a riot. Totally "en fuego" as she riffed on Ed not knowing her name.

I think the night out was good for Jen who has been stressed with work. She got to rant and rave and eat and drink wine. It was fun for us all. Although the most fun was Jen's mournful statement about her dessert. "You shouldn't use the word pudding if you don't mean it"

Chroma - Six thumbs up (there were three of us!)

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