Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Area In Which I Am An Underachiever

You already know the ongoing saga of my low white blood cell count. A normal person has between 4,500 and 11,000 white blood cells......I haven't topped 4,000 yet! They keep telling me that progress may be slow....but it is a steady progression. Then on June 14th, they tell me that my count had dropped from 3,500 in May to 3,000!!!

What. The.



So today my mother and I are discussing my hair. I tell her I want to know how long it is, but it's hard to tell because it's so curly. My hair was always wavy, but what has grown back in is much curlier. My mother says that she will get a ruler and measure my hair.

Ok, on average human hair grows a half inch per month. My hair started growing back in early March. It's now late June. It should be at least an inch and a half. My hair has always been fast growing. Most people at the salon I patronized could go four to six weeks between hair colorings. I needed to go every three weeks.

My hair isn't quite an inch long.

I can't win!

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ponsdorf said...

A discussion about yer hair length is wonderful.