Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm Not Upset In the Post Below

I got a few messages and I just want to reassure everyone that I wasn't upset in this post.

Do I wish I had my long, carefully dyed hair back? Yes

Can I wait? Yes

I was just making a point that I have often made in the blog..........my life is a Fellini film! The irony of having to pay more to keep my hair dyed because it grew so fast....and now that I would like it to grow fast.....it doesn't.

The irony of being told that I would likely have somewhat of an easy time with chemo & the transplant because I was young and otherwise healthy.........and I can't make it 4,000 white blood cells.

But I'm not upset and I'm not really beefing. I am a really lucky person. I was reminded of this just today when my mother and I shared a laugh over something. Sure some of the stuff that has happened to me sucks, but I landed safely, didn't I? I live in a lovely house that I couldn't not afford. I'm in a beautiful sought after neighborhood in Boston. Someone else pays the utilities and buys the food. And I don't just love my parents.........I like them! Seriously, that's pretty lucky.

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