Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Fun Stuff

I forgot some things when I packed for my little getaway. Doesn’t everyone?

This morning at breakfast I realized I forgot my flax cereal. It’s like low carb oatmeal, but I find it tasty and would eat it on or off Atkins.

At lunch I was eating hamburger and wished I had mustard.

On the way back from the beach – which was fabulous – I remembered that while I had packed a razor, I had forgotten shaving cream.

I had the most marvelous time at the beach. The smell of the ocean, the sand, the seaweed and the sun. The feel of it. The sounds. Everything exactly as it has been every summer of my life. Just awesome. When I returned to the porch…..my nice, clean, pollen free porch, I started thinking. Frankie’s been driving my van – I haven’t driven since December and considering all the meds I take, driving isn’t a great idea. I know there is stuff in the rear of the van from all my moving and all my trips. So I sent him a text and asked him to drive by…..his third trip today taking care of his mother. I am lucky to have such sons.

So Frank helped me pull a few bags and small boxes into the cottage…..and off he went.

1st find….shaving cream and a bunch of unused razors.

2nd find…..a sealed bag of Flax Z Snax hot cereal – butter pecan! I saw that as he pulled it out of the van and exclaimed “Flax cereal!” Frankie replied with a grimace “That stuff is disgusting!” I told him that he sounded like Papa (my Dad), but I love it. Both Frankie and my Dad are enthusiastic oatmeal eaters, so

I don’t know what their problem is, lol!

3rd find….now this was comical, there was a jar of mustard! I unscrewed the top and underneath….no word of a lie….the seal was intact! How funny is that?

Jennifer told me I should buy a lottery ticket

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