Friday, June 24, 2011

Line Of The Day

Whitey Bulger is a murderer, a rapist, a sadist, a pedophile. But he does have balls of brass.

This from WBUR

Bulger, appearing in federal court Friday afternoon, asked for a public defender. But prosecutors objected, citing $800,000 found in the former mob boss’ Santa Monica, Calif., apartment.

“Can you afford an attorney?” asked the federal attorney.

No, I could if you give me my money back,” Bulger responded.

Bulger was represented by attorney Peter Krupp on Friday. The federal magistrate did not immediately rule on the request


wolfwalker said...

"No, I could if you give me my money back," Bulger responded.

Not gonna happen, of course. Howie Carr had a lawyer on his show yesterday who had apparently filed a court case of some kind concerning one of Whitey's shakedown victims. As a result of that case, the lawyer now has a lien on all Whitey's known assets, to the tune of something like $28 million.

BostonMaggie said...

Not to mention that every cent was stolen or extorted from someone else.

Anonymous said...

alot of Whitey's victims were other criminals, pimps, drug dealers, bookies. Roger Wheeler was a businessman from oklahoma with no criminal background that i can find. Deborah Hussey was Stephen Flemmi's stepdaughter. There are most likely others who shouldn't be lumped in with the Gangs. The idea that Whitey only killed snitches and pimps was manufactured by the FEDS and the boston media...Mike Barnicle shouldnt be allowed to talk on TV