Monday, June 27, 2011

STFU Already!

I need to vent about a Twitter thing.

So there I am on TweetDeck pimping my Navy stuff & my 4th of July stuff & pointing out the whole magnificence of me. I'm having fun. TweetDeck, for those who are above Twitter (yes, I am talking to both my Favorite Naval Consort & My Marine), TweetDeck is an application that let's you watch different groups & different hashtags more easily. I follow close to 1400 Tweeps & the feed can go by pretty fast. TweetDeck lets you highlight certain things. So, naturally I have permanent columns for the US Navy, USS Constitution, Massachusetts politics. There are temporary ones as I flit about the Internet, like #WhiteyBulger for the last few days. And, since I grew up here & live here......#Charlestown is a permanent column.

Not all of the Tweets in that column relate to my Charlestown here in Boston. There is a Charlestown in Rhode Island and another in West Virginia (which has a casino!). But I've picked up some interesting stuff in this column. And of course, some crap.

Now I'm not roaming around Twitter looking to smack people down, but I do chime in when I feel the need.

So today I read - "@andymboyle #Charlestown = bank robberies #benaffleck #hot #thetown". Yeah, I get it. It's a joke. So I RT (retweet) with a little add-on "Don't fall for the hype. We are so much more." This means both parties, the girl who sent it and @andymboyle, see my comment.

Then I see Boyle RTs it. I look at his timeline and see several tweets regarding his coming to Charlestown today and checking into a hotel on the harbor. Not for nothing, it is absolutely beautiful here today. If you are really on the harbor and not two blocks back, you are at the Marriot. The Marriot is right near USS Constitution and has lovely views - all in all very nice. The Feedom Trail goes right past the front door. I decide to give him a little poke.

@andymboyle Really? You are going to sit down in #CitySquare steps from #RevolutionaryWar & #WarOf1812 history & talk smack about us?

He replies - @BostonMaggie Wasn't aware I talked smack? But you may misread things however you wish, as that is your right.
Really? He thinks he can say I am too dumb to get the joke & I'll go away?

I reply - @andymboyle Saying Charlestown equals bank robberies is talking smack. I didn't misread. No doubt you think it's humerous. We don't.

Then as a general Tweet I write - #Twitter pet peeve - ppl who use a hashtag & then act like you R interrupting a private conversation when you comment.
And I think I was supposed to be intimidated by the "But you may misread things however you wish, as that is your right." reply I got. Ha!

Boyle comes back - @BostonMaggie I was retweeting something someone else said. Doesn't mean I said it. If you'd like, I can explain how retweeting works later.
Ah...sarcasm, that will help you...

Other people are talking to me about this, so I calrify to them -

@andymboyle & his friend tweeted "#Charlestown = bank roberries" I called him out for talking smack. He says I misread.

From there he commences a series of passive/aggressive tweets that don't help him

@BostonMaggie You should maybe lighten up? I'm well aware that bank robbers don't live in Charlestown and it was just a movie plot device.
@BostonMaggie I meant no disrespect. It's a very pretty place and I'm glad I get to walk around it now :)
@BostonMaggie I don't know who you are and I wasn't looking to pick a fight, so perhaps you should let it go?
Ok, he's dismissive, he's contrite, he's dismissive.

I have "misread"? Well please tell me -
How does one misread "#YourLocation = Bad bahavior" #Charlestown is full of decent, hardworking ppl

@BostonMaggie And no, my intention wasn't to intimidate. I'm a jovial guy, I swear! And you caught me on the worst day since I moved here.
Ahh, perhaps I should let it go?

There is a time lag, my internet connection is not primo and now my reply to the dismissive/contrite/dismissive series pops up - @andymboyle - Seriously? I was just about to accept your apology.....& then you go passive/aggressive in the next tweet

@BostonMaggie So let's just settle down, realize that it was just a silly joke a friend -- not me -- made, and enjoy our environs. Cool?

Who am I? Why do I care? Let me explain - @andymboyle I am 2nd generation #Townie on my Dad's side & 3rd generation on my mother's side. We aren't criminals.

Annnndddd we're back to dismissive - @BostonMaggie Then don't accept it. I don't know you, and I have no clue why you're bent out of shape over a silly thing a friend said.
@BostonMaggie I DON'T BELIEVE YOU ARE CRIMINALS. It's just a movie! My friend was attempting to bond with me! That is all.

More explaining why #TheTown does not really relate to Charlestown - @andymboyle Ben Afleck is from BERKLEY, CA & the author of "The Town" is from Canton
@BostonMaggie Yes. I am quite aware of these things. Like I said, I know it was a movie plot point and not true. I am aware of this fact.

@andymboyle Well, get back to your bad day. I was having a good one & I'd like to get back to it.

@BostonMaggie Anywho, I'm glad you love your town enough to defend it when random folks you don't know retweet things. Seriously.

@BostonMaggie But I obviously meant no disrespect, and this whole thing is blown out of proportion, and I never meant to affect your day.

@BostonMaggie So I apologize if I was offensive. It was never my intention, and I'm looking forward to exploring Charlestown.

@andymboyle Apology accepted. Go around the corner & get an ice cream & walk down to @USSConstitution. Your day will get better

@BostonMaggie I'm very excited that I'm by Old Ironsides, and I'll definitely get some ice cream later. Thanks :)

Why am I amused that this guy is sarcasticly offeriing to teach me what retweeting is? Well, you see on Twitter, hashtags are meant to catch the eye of others and draw attention to your tweet. That's why people use them. If you don't want people to come along and comment, don't use them.

In conclusion, let me say, if you don't want the play whack-a-mole.........don't stick your head up.


Yer Marine said...

Er, if ever there seems a reason not to bother with Twitter (twiddah!), tweets, retweets, hashtags, and the like, you certainly made it plain.

Oh, and if by "above twitter", you mean "too stupid for twitter", you may have a point.

Tweet? I tawt I taw a puddy tat!

CDR Salamander said...

Just a bunch of d@mn Yankees in a sissy-boy slap-fight to me.

BostonMaggie said...

He's from Nebraska!

Tom Goering said...

Why would he pick on Charlestown with Southie such an obvious and easy target?

Spockgirl said...

Um... Twitter is... Hmmm... How shall I say this so as not to offend thee. Twitter is for tweets and ... twits?

Thank you for posting all that cr... charming stuff. Solidifies my reasoning for not using Twitter.

BostonMaggie said...

Hey, 99.9% of the time Twitter is fun and useful.