Friday, June 10, 2011

I Am Having Palpatations!

I just went online to check my health insurance premium. I had the monthly bill, but I thought it was wrong.

It wasn't.

My premium just went from $515 to $800.88 per month.

I've been good on Atkins since June 1st.

I think that's over.

Ok, it's not the end of the world. I ate the stuffing on the baked haddock my Dad made. But I haven't had any sugar, so Atkins is not really damaged.

There is a charity that would possibly cover my health insurance premiums, but I haven't been too quick with the paperwork. They want a copy of this and a printout of that and it was an intimidating packet. So I went up and got it.....turns out it's not so bad. A lot of the paperwork didn't apply to me because I pay my own insurance and it's not through an employer. Also I have no secondary insurance. So I finished all the questions and packed up to go find a copier. Up to now, whenever I need a copy of something, I waited until I was visiting work. That's part of what took so long on this.

My parents asked where I was going and I told them Staples on State Street to make copies. It was the closet and it's right on the Bunker Hill bus route. My father points out that the supermarket in Thompson Square makes copies. I remember where it is, but it's in an awkward spot. I was standing there weighing the pros and cons of walking to the strangely placed copier or riding the bus to the Staples. I start to head for the door and my father calls me back. He tells me to follow him to my room on the 3rd floor.

There were things in my room when I moved in....two sewing machines (I use one as a desk) a giant ladder....a nifty plaque explaining the origins of the surname "McInnis"........and.........a copier! LOL!

So tomorrow I will mail out the completed packet as well as some Blue Cross claim forms for about $700 worth of stuff that I paid out of pocket. Like $400 for the stupid wig I never wear.

If the charity says no, I have another insurance plan I can go to. So everyone can relax. Thanks.


Yer Marine said...

I never wear my stupid wig, either.

BostonMaggie said...

You are so cute!!

Stella said...

Blue Cross? Please don't get me stahted... those bastids...