Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Same Video Cut, Different Point

I discuss a point from this video below. In this same cut there is a discussion of leaving Iraq. Leaving Iraq is their big thing, right? So Russert proposes a scenario where we leave, things go south, whadya do?

RUSSERT: Senator Obama, I want you to respond to not holding oversight for your subcommittee. But also, do you reserve a right as American president to go back into Iraq once you have withdrawn with sizable troops in order to quell any kind of insurrection or civil war?

OBAMA: "....(Obama whining about why it's not his fault that he didn't do anything as the head on the subcommittee) ........Now, I always reserve the right for the president -- as commander-in-chief, I will always reserve the right to make sure that we are looking out for American interests. And if al Qaeda is forming a base in Iraq, then we will have to act in a way that secures the American homeland and our interests abroad. So that is true, I think, not just in Iraq, but that's true in other places. That's part of my argument with respect to Pakistan.
I think we should always cooperate with our allies and sovereign nations in making sure that we are rooting out terrorist organizations. But if they are planning attacks on Americans like what happened on9/11, it is my job, it will be my job as president to make sure that we are hunting them down

I am baffled. You will pull out. Quickly. Precipitously. You will waive a white flag and run. You will give all the Code Pink people a simultaneous orgasm. Because "W" was wrong, wrong, wrong to go in.


You will re-invade if you, the Obamasiah, decide we need to go back in?


Better, more cohesive response to be found at National Review Online.

A Look into Obama World [Charlotte Hays]
I think Obama made a huge boo boo in last night’s debate. When asked what he would do if we pulled out of Iraq and the place turned into an al-Qaeda haven, he said he would re-invade. Smooth as butter, didn't miss a beat. The correct answer is: If I thought that was going to happen, I wouldn’t pull out. Senator Clinton dodged the question by pretending it was a hypothetical. Hypothetical it is not. There are few things a Clinton won’t say to get elected, but I think even Senator Clinton balks at saying, Hey, we'd just re-invade that country. (Maybe I am giving her too much credit.)Obama's answer—he didn't hesitate—was cavalier and shallow and callow. This is something the Republicans ought to be able to work with. What a mess Obama World would be.

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You had the exact same question I did. WTF??