Monday, February 25, 2008

Pat Condell

*****UPDATE*****Welcome to all the readers who have been directed here for this excellent vid. A lot of the comments I am seeing seem to despair for Old Blighty. Don't give up! There are reasonable and highly intelligent people who are working hard on this situation in Britain (yes, the Townie girl can't bring herself to add "Great"). Chief among the is Professor Gwyn Prins (who I have met). This is a link to his recent work with RUSI “Risk Threat and Security: The Case of the United Kingdom"****
Bigg Bill sent me a vid and I followed the links to this guys website. It's funny and true!

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joated said...

I wonder if Barack Hussein Obama has heard this guy speak.

What he is saying is all to true. It's time that the people bending over in the face of this multicultural, PC, appeasment bullshit had better wake up or they're going to find out too late that they have not only opened the door for the wolf but exposed their throats as well.