Saturday, June 09, 2007

Not That I Don't Trust SB.........

.........I do!!!
With my life, with my (teeny tiny) heart, with protecting our freedom.


There's always a "but", huh?

He does have this one annoying habit (there's more than one, but I'm in an excellent mood today). Once a contest or election is won, he claims to have supported the winner all along. As I recall there was much talk of the two "Ediths" and being sure it would be a woman............once John Roberts was named, SB claimed to have been in his corner all along. And even though I was a Ratzinger girl from the get-go (how could I resist a guy who seemed so mean?), SB tried to say his support predated mine.

So I said that the next thing that came up had to be in writing......and I got it.

In the comments here, SB backs Keating.
"Vice Admiral Thomas Keating is my choice. He is the only flag to have had command of the 3 most important Commands-NAVCENT-NORTHCOM and PACOM. He is a natural and one of my favorites even though he is an airdale.
Does everybody see that? I've got it in writing. I've got Roughead and he's got Keating. Now I'm not saying Roughead's a shoe-in or better than Keating (even though Keating is an airdale - gimme a break). I'm just saying here it is June 9th and I've got witnesses.

BTW, the second comment.........."By the way....I think all of this is a great idea! SB" slay me baby!

Sitemeter is doing it's best to cloak you. 0140 Naval Ocean Systems Center Sunnyvale CA, lol.


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