Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Admiral Keating 27 NOV 2007

My favorite parts are where some asshat asks if ADM Keating thinks China will apologize about the Kitty Hawk incident. ROTFLMAO!

But this was great too:

The Admiral was asked if he had any final comment (about 38 minutes in).

"I do have one and it's a very serious topic. And one that certainly I need to bring to the attention of the Washington Press Corp. This is my seventh joint assignment and I am a very much a disciple of the Goldwater-Nichols bill and the dramatic improvements it has made in our military's ability to fight and win. However, this Saturday it all goes into a cocked hat when Navy will run roughshod over Army in Baltimore Maryland. Goldwater-Nichols doesn't count this coming Saturday. And I'm sure you will all be on Navy's side (this is when the serious face started to slip and a little half-smirk emerged) in this important engagement."

(At this point he outright grins and sits back in his chair - he looked like my Dad when he's very self satisfied)

Then the Army guy at the podium at the Pentagon cuts off his "Go Navy! Beat Army!"

The outrage!

So I will help you out sir.


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