Saturday, August 23, 2008

Does It Get Any Better!!!!!

Rachael is one of my girls in the office. I have known her since she was 5. She was one of my Tommy's first and best friends. When we were looking for a little part time office help, I suggested her to my boss. It worked out so well that it went fulltime and we're all very happy.

Once in a while Rachael will bake us a treat. Last night as she was leaving work I called out that if the cookie mood hit her.......I was working in the office from 9 until 2. She laughed.

I came in this morning and...........

It's a Starbucks vanilla chai latte, a bear claw and a plate of homemade Tollhouse bars!!!!!!!


Did I mention that I have gained fifteen and half pounds since my diagnosis????????? LOL

Then I turn on the computer and it's BIDEN!!! Yesssssssss

I am only working until 1400 because I am leaving for a family party. My cousin Kathy (who read about the cancer in the blog and called my mother) is having a party for her daughter's birthday. This will be the first time she sees me since then, she better not get deep or serious. My parents and sisters will be there. I am hoping my brother shows up. Mind you this is the tiniest bit odd......Kathy and her husband usually celebrate MaryKate's birthday with a small family party, siblings, parents, grandparents. And it's not milestone year, she is turning 24. I am thinking my situation is making Kathy feel the need to see family more. I could be wrong, after all we are lots of fun at parties....I would invite us too!

Then Jen and I will bring our goddaughters back to stay overnight. Tomorrow the high tide is at 1750. Those are my favorites! The late afternoon sun. The water coming in over the sun warmed flats. I will soooooooo enjoy that.

So in answer to my question "Does it get any better?" No it doesn't!

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