Saturday, August 09, 2008

Home From The Sea

I am exhausted and completely overwhelmed. Three of us were taken off at Miami via helicopter. Another first for me.

I am sitting at my sister's house having my mid-rats. I am going to shower and fall into a freshly made full size bed. LOL No "Troop Berthing" for me tonight.

This was one of the most exciting and interesting things I have ever done.

If I can get online tomorrow I will start getting some things out here. right now I am too wiped out the write anything coherent.

I still have plenty of emails to answer as well........228 new emails since Tuesday........holy moly!

In the meantime......I wasn't the only blogger aboard Kearsarge.

Chris Albon - War & Health

McQ of Q and O

Danny from Eyeblast Media

David Axe from War Is Boring

That is all.


Anonymous said...


congrats. I hope they give you your sea pay.

Did you have to stand Mail Buoy watch?

MR T's Haircut

xformed said...

They have Mid-Rats at her house? Geez...a few days at sea and your entire vocabulary takes a hit