Thursday, August 21, 2008

The One - Road To Denver

I find these ads hilarious. This isn't going to make anyone vote for McCain. McCain's just slapping him. Taunting him. And Obama can't stay cool. It's wrong for me to laugh. But it wouldn't be so funny if Obama didn't let it rattle him.


Boquisucio said...


And Moses Spake: ..."Behold his might hand".

The Seas Parted, and the One Rode the Waves in his Golden *er* Moorey Boogie.

Too funny.


Stella said...

Obama doesn't rattle easily. Nevertheless, I am sorely tempted to post this hyperbolic and, frankly, well-done campaign ad. This is just damn funny.

But, vote for McCain? Me? About as much chance as that proverbial snowball... You're right: it won't change anyone's mind, but I sense this funny, over-the-top ad hints at desperation few see.

Stella said...

Wait just a minute! Didn't McCain steal this from the Clinton speech, when she stated, "If you vote for Obama, this skies will open, and sunlight will spread through the land..."

Something like that... I must find that video. I'm certain McCain's campaign stole this idea from Clinton.

BostonMaggie said...

Hillary did make fun of it and McCain's people expanded on it. Their newest one actually uses Hillary herself, just as they have Biden talking about Obama.