Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Two Cents on Hilary Rosen

So we've all heard by now that Hilary Rosen beclowned herself attacking Ann Romney.

Today on WTTK "Joe Ligotti Show" locals called in with their opinions.

One caller in particular was spewing such horrible envy. She went on and on, yelling over the host that Ann Romney had help. She had money to buy help. The caller stated she had ten children (which I didn't believe) and no one helped her.

What a stupid, stupid woman. Ann Romney has multiple sclerosis. If you have never been with an MS patient in the midst of an attack, you should STFU about Ann Romney. There's no help you can hire that can ease that pain.

Hilary Rosen should be ashamed.

Anyone who thinks they would trade places with Ann Romney because she is wealthy, should remember that life comes with breast cancer and Multiple Sclerosis.

As I am quick to say, if we all stood in a circle and threw our problems in the middle....we'd be quick to take our own back.


Middleboro Jones said...

Roger that good friend....These idiots like Hillary Rosen need to stop trying to act superior to others...her credibility is ZERO and she showed the world she is an unethical idjit.

She is part of the " Blame America First" crowd that hates her own country and all that made it great.

BostonMaggie said...

MJ - couldn't agree more.

Dear "98 cents". I thought long and hard about publishing your hateful comment. But that's the point of moderating comments and having your own blog - your hate has no place here.

For you to say that Ann Romney uses her MS as a "crutch" shows that you can't be reasoned with. Ann Romney didn't bring it up in this discussion, I did.

Frequent readers of this blog know that my sister was DX'd over 10 years ago. No amount of money makes up for her suffering. And I have cancer, not breast cancer, but cancer none-the-less. No amount of money could make up for what I have gone through.

You tried to drop a steaming pile here while you cruise the blogosphere with your baseless rage.

Thanks to comment moderation, you can't.

Go back to HuffPo and the other hateful Obama-bots.

Gordon Dundas said...

At one time You never went after the family of a candidate ever!This is an incredibly sleazy thing to do, Sadly it looks like this will be the way elections will be fought from now no mercy ,no quarter!
As a Canadian looking in at my American friends I'm saddened by this It as if every couple of years you forget that you are all Americans you forget that you're not just Republican or Democrats.