Thursday, April 05, 2012

Ok, The #Occupy People Got Me

They finally found an issue that I care about. They are focused on it and I hope they are successful.

And I will lend support.

Today the Herald reported on the "Occupy T Sit-in". Recently there has been a lot of attention on the "T" because they are running a deficit. The T Board has decided that their best options are to decrease service and raise fares.

Now this is not a problem for me. I live very close to downtown Boston on a popular route. And the fare is not a problem.

But the complete lack of foresight on this matter is stunning.

One of the most basic things that a person needs to survive is transportation. You need to get to your job, your home, your school.

People in this state are always wailing about helping the poor. They want them to have EBT cards and housing subsidies and all kinds of other entitlements.

Did you never hear that fish/teach him to fish story???????

Instead of giving people entitlements, why not give them a way earn their own food, house, degree, etc.?

Someone, the Governor or someone else needs to step in and make up that deficit. The "T" helps everyone. The "T" creates a level playing field.

Want to lower traffic? Support the "T".

Want less pollution? Support the "T".

Want an easy way to help people advance and get themselves out of poverty? Support the "T".

It's so glaringly obvious I want to shake them!

So for once #Occupy, good on you! You have an issue that's relevant. You've got a focus. You really are helping those less fortunate.


section12 said...

Absolutely correct!

However, I'd like to add something:

The MBTA has a lot of over-paid morons in its upper tier of management. Instead of hiking fares for the poor, let those rich bastards take a pay cut like the rest of the country has had to do.

Limit overtime for awhile as well. I know people want the money and some probably need it, but hiking fares is only going to reduce revenues anyway and put people out of work at the MBTA anyhow.

So, rich executives, take one for the team for a change... instead of the "T"eam constantly taking one for YOU.

Middleboro Jones said...

MBTA also has highest benefits, lowest retirement age and they have been handing out huge wage increase to the unions.

Hack away at the runaway spending and you'll balance that budget a lot easier than sticking it to the riders or taxpayers.

NavyOne said...

As a frequent T rider the summer I lived in Boston, this is annoying. And what your commenter MJones said above is not surprising. . .