Friday, April 06, 2012

I Know I've Told You This Before....

......but eight and a half years after I stayed at the Taj Palace in Dubai, they are still sending me emails. I love them. It was the best vacation ever. And I need a boost, lol. Just got the official word on the results of today's visit with the endocrinologist and the blood work.

I have Grave's disease. Pissah.

Preliminary studies show a slightly higher incidence of Grave's disease in Multiple Myeloma patients. They are both auto-immune disorders.

I want ice cream but it's Good Friday. My mother pointed out that I am exempt if I want to be with all my disorders and diseases. But I declined. The point of the exemption is to make sure sick or weak people don't become more weak. Not so I can have ice cream.


Dbie said...

Olympic champion runner Gail Devers also has Graves- and she was diagnosed BEFORE she won all of the gold medals. Kick its ass like you did cancer, Maggie.

(and that's coming from someone who had a popsicle and wine for dinner last night, so who am I to judge having ice cream for breakfast?)

Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie: Life long townie here, I have visited your site a few times, wanted to say that I hope you are doing well with your illness and that you are in my thoughts and prayers especially this easter weekend. God Bless.

Warrant Diver said...

Hey, two symptoms are "increased appetite" and "weight loss". You get to have BOTH!