Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yesterday's Feeding Frenzy Pays Off

As I explained in the post below, I had the hungry horrors yesterday. I was hoping it would lead to good test results.

I have 500 white blood cells. A normal value is 4,500 to 10,000. I have been running less than 100 for days. Finally, yesterday I was 200. Now today is 500! They say it should start doubling daily. I may go home this weekend.

The best part is that they are climbing without any bone pain, which happened last time fter Cytoxan.

I had told my mother earlier this week that they were hopeful of a Thursday discharge. She replied that if it wasn't Thursday.....they would need to keep me because there would be a storm on Friday.

Imagine! My mother was going to refuse delivery!


Chuck Simmins said...

Well, we're having the same storm but if you'll have the UPS driver ring the bell, I won't refuse delivery.

So glad you're doing better.

Yer Marine said...

You mention refusing delivery as if it is unreasonable.

Think of it as you being like a new recliner or sofa. They don't want you to get wet in the bad weather.

Keep up the good work. You can always change your name to "TransylvaniaMaggie".