Tuesday, February 01, 2011

My Hair Just Woke Me Up

It was falling out.

Then it all but stopped.

Now it's falling out again. Faster than ever.

I woke up because my pillow was covered in it and it was tickling my nose. So I just cleaned my pillow and bed with masking tape.

How can I have this much hair? How can there be any left?

I am wide awake. Looks like there will be another episode of Grey's Anatomy viewed before I can go to sleep.

I know this is small potatoes. I said that in an email to Denise, the transplant coordinator. But it's throwing me off my game here. I was making progress, very minor progress, but now I feel like I have rolled back to the bottom of the hill and have to start climbing again.

The favorite Naval consort called a few hours ago. I was trying to explain that I understood feeling crappy after Cytoxan and after the collection, but why this week? He told me that I have to let go. I have to stop expecting progress until after my hospitalization. That I know why I feel crappy.

He also seconded my father's opinion that I can not go to the airport with Frankie.

Rat bastid.

Moot point anyway, since the snow tomorrow and Wednesday will cancel his flight. Who knows what will happen with rescheduling.

Anyway, I wish I was just bald already.


Anathema said...

Just shave it...having done that once or twice it's far worse in the expectation than the reality.

Then wear a knit cap - ALL THE TIME!

Stella said...

I agree with Michael...somewhat. (See my comment above.) The anticipation is far worse than the reality. More people than you think find a bald head and big earrings attractive and exotic. Ditch the scarves. hats, and wigs. Hubby told me when I wore scarves, I looked much sicker.