Sunday, February 27, 2011

Whaddaya Want First?

The good news........

The bad news..........

Ok, good news. My white blood cell count is up. From 400 on Friday to 900 on Saturday to 1100 today. If it rises again tomorrow, I get sprung! During morning rounds the attending asked if I could give myself a shot of neupogen. "Nope! But my Dad can." He smiled and said that would be fine.

So, the bad news? Well this burst of white blood cells was brought about with some of the bone pain associated with the growth factor.....not as bad as after Cytoxan, but enough that I have been high or sleeping since Friday.

While it wasn't as bad as before and I am grateful beyond words for that......I spent all conscious thought clenched in a ball waiting for more. It didn't come, but it was exhausting.

It appears to have passed, but it could return at any point in the next week or so.

So that's my update. Fortunately I was able to surface for #MIDRATs and Pundit Review Radio.

Now, the Oscars - Go RESTREPO!!!


Dbie said...

Dang it, girl. I am so sorry to hear about this round of pain. At least you were able to get some relief, even though it didn't last long enough.

but... I am THRILLED beyond words that your white blood cell count is rising! This is awesome. I could just cry happy tears.

BlackFive said...

I like the good news! Hang in there!

BTW, an Army buddy's dad (a Korean War vet) founded the company that made Neupogen.