Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Ate A Little Better Yesterday

They keep assuring me that this need for blood products is normal. We are still waiting for good numbers on neutriphil, but at least they have started to rise. I have explained repeatedly that i am simply a tardy person. I am very hopeful about today's numbers. My blood was drawn about 10 minutes ago. Yesterday I had the hungry horrors. I ate more yesterday than any other day or in some cases, days since I've been here.

It helped that Jen and Grace showed up with Dunkin donuts tea, a chocolate bagel twist, and a baggie of Jen's famous chocolate chip cookies. I also still had some of the oatmeal cookies that my Uncle Walter had brought on Monday.

Round it off with pretty good tunafish.....and I am hoping I have given my white blood cells an appetite and a reason to come out of hiding.

Walter and Tom were here for an hour or so. Jen and Grace hung most of the day. I got to talk to Tommy & Frankie. It was good.

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