Friday, February 25, 2011

Pillows, Take-out & Lotion

So there is this pamphlet the hospital produces for caregivers and it's giving me nothing but agita. It's designed for all bone marrow transplant patients. Allos are worse than Autos. I am an auto. Patient with other complications are worse, I have none. Some patients are old, I am not yet 50.

But my parents and my sister Grace are all over this.....Jen just shrugs.

I can't use any previously used lotion or lipstick for 100 days. My father was ready to go to my room and thrown everything away.

Clothing should be washed. Duh! But my Dad was ready to take everything out of drawers and rewash.

No restaurant or takeout. Argghhhh!!!! This one is going to kill me! The North end is a mile pizza.

Then there was the pillow thing. The phamphlet says to buy new. This is ridiculous. The pillows were already new! Kate popped by to say that it was overkill and a hypoallergenic cover would do. Then last night Grace called to ask "down" or "feathers" because they were buying it anyway.

My mother has been ready to ground me over the Milblog Conference. So I am going have to be super good for the next eight weeks. No violations. No sneaking out.

No pedicure until I get over 4,500 white blood cells are 65% of those are neutriphils.

I'm going to make a new sidebar for all things I want and can't have 100 days. I leave for the Milbog on the 86th day - the transplant is Day 0 - today is Day 15


MamaKat said...

Keeping you in my prayers & thoughts... hang in there...((((hugs)))

Yer Marine said...

You got 71 days to behave yourself. Do try!

By the by, excellent choice of movies!

Kanani said...

So I'm figuring that you'll need 100 different shades of lipsticks over the next 100 days.
This could be fun.