Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Day 3 of My Time In Stir

My Dad and my brother Frankie came in to see me this morning. Frankie wasn't on the official list.....but I needed him to bring me water and popsicles, lol! The hospital kitchen sent up - ok.....white/lemon - - ick. So I wanted my favorite popsicle. Got any guesses? You know the Townie chick is gonna want a Hoodsie Pop. The Hood Plant was in Charlestown. So which flavor? Root Beer. Which is funny, because I don't drink root beer very often. Certainly not as often as my friend Trish. She gets it in every restaurant that serves it. So Frankie showed up with them this morning. He actually brought the whole bag and we sorted out the ones I wanted. The freezer in the room is very small. The tech put the rest in the unit freezer. She said that she would tag them with my name. I told her not to bother. I am not going to have a raspberry craving in the middle of the night. Plus Jen is bringing me Italian Ice. Popsicles and Italian Ice are highly recommended to avoid mouth sores and mucositis. Heaven knows I am alllllll about preventing pain.
They were joking about my "prison cell" and it's size. This is a suite and bigger than a regular hospital room. I've actually been in smaller hotel rooms. My Dad asked how I was doing and I said I was fine. Frankie said that when they came back in a few days there would be marks on the wall to indicate the days I had served.

When my team came in this morning I had just read a note from my son Frankie and I was a little veklempt. They looked concerned, I told them I was fine and explained the note. So they went back to their cheeriness. They are funny and joke about trying to be entertaining. Dr. Klein, my attending, asked if I was blogging this. LOL! It's the biggest event happening in the Maggie-centric universe, isn't it?

Between this and Facebook, I could never be lonely. That was Judith's (my social worker) biggest fear with my short visitor list.

They've taken away my toothbrush.....Am I on suicide watch? Is this cruelty by the screws? LOL! No, they want me using Toothettes little sponges to prevent any possible gum bleeding when my platelets drop.

Ok, so I've completed my two Melphalan doses and tomorrow they give me back my stem cells, that's considered to be Day 0. I'm expected to go downhill - counts drop, temps rise - until I hit a nadir on Day 7.

Thanks for keeping me company.


YNSN said...

I'll always keep you company Maggie!

Pinch said...

Will indeed be here for you, Mags!

John of Argghhh! said...

Yer a tough chick, Maggie. I know, "D-uh, I'm a Townie!"

TSO said...

Nadir? Really?
You can't even pronounce the R in that.

We love you Maggie!

TSO and Caro