Friday, November 13, 2009

A Weekend Adventure

I'm off again for the weekend.

Heading to DC

I'll be in DC on Saturday.

I'll be in Annapolis Sunday.

Why Annapolis? Oh, I don't know................what could the attraction be?
Update 1030 14 NOV - I beat most of the rain coming up the East Coast by driving down to Wilmington Delaware last night. I got a last minute deal on Priceline for a DoubleTree in the downtown area. I called it perfectly, when I got off the exit I realized that I had hit my limit for driving. When I got into the room I smelled something moldy. It was 0400 so frankly when I realized it wasn't the bed....I didn't care, lol. It was the shower curtain, so I just left it pulled to the side and put the extra towel on the floor.

When the alarm went off I called ConcreteBob and said "I'm in Wilmington, Delaware...if I don't get up and shower I won't make it. Tell me to get out of bed."

Frankly, who knows what he said in that southern drawl, but I got up.

Showered, ready......heading out for the last leg to DC for my adventure with Bob and some others.


Tom Goering said...

Quite the world traveler!! Drive safe!

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Maggie, Annapolis is one of the prettiest towns (the old section of it) I've ever been to. You cannot help but have a good time there.