Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sunday Morning In Annapolis

So, Sunday morning my alarm goes off at 0900 and I bounce right out of bed because I am so excited about what the day holds for me....ANNAPOLIS!

I got up and started pulling out clothes and sending text messages. I was hoping that my "Pirate Guy" could join us for breakfast. He was moving slow and expressed that he would rather have breakfast in bed. I sent a text suggesting he check under his bed for Cheetos because that sometimes works for my sons. Oh well.

Mary suggested "Chick & Ruth's Delly", so I hopped in the shower so we could get going. Once dressed and ready to start walking, we checked back in with "Pirate Guy". Still not ready, so we decided to walk around Dock Square. It was a perfect day, much warmer than normal. Again, I was struck at how much like Newport Annapolis is.

We walked all around until we decided that we needed breakfast...."Pirate Guy" or no.

There wasn't as much of a wait as we had thought, considering the crowd outside. I guess that's because the staff is so efficient. Do you know that every morning they recite the Pledge of Allegiance there? On weekends it happens at 0930.....sorry, I was in the shower.
I had the Annapolis cheese steak omelet...yummmmmm.

Then it was back to Mary's to grab a vehicle and we were off to the Naval Academy! You can walk on campus with an ID, but because we were connected, we drove on. This was a very good thing as I will explain later.

Again, I really can't overstate how lucky I think I was that the weather was soooooo perfect.

Also, I lucked out in having Mary for a tour guide. We share so many interests that she already knew what I wanted to see and I was never bored. And even thought I love my sister Grace, she always has us running. Mary let me saunter....that is my fav speed.

As we drove around Mary pointed out different locations and related them to incidents in her life. Then we headed up to the US Naval Institute.

OK, now....we are going to move on to the next part....and you are all sworn to secrecy.

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Tracy J. said...

Maggie! As an Annapolis native, I give you major kudos for going to Chick and Ruths! It's a cornerstone of Annapolis history. I have to admit I prefer the crab omelet though. :-) Next time you are in Annapolis (or DC), please let me know and I'd love to meet up!