Saturday, November 07, 2009

Lessons Learned - LPD 21 Version

I have a ton to blog about.....but I am wiped out from the driving. So we'll just have a quickie.

Every adventure has a lesson(s) learned. Today's was -


The Ogre - an uber SWO and SailorBob fav - built LPD21 down there in Avondale. I was thrilled that I would get to see him. I called when I was at the ship and left voice mail - "I'm here! Find me!"

We exchanged a few texts prior to the ceremony while he tried to figure out where I was. Afterwards as we filed out of the building he called "Where are you at?" I need an interpreter for these calls! I looked around and said "Baby, I don't know where I am!" Then people in the line explained which building and where we would be on the pier when we turned the corner.

Well....he found me. He looked so handsome all dressed up! So we stood there hugging each other, I was so excited. He told me he had to find one of his bosses - Sugarman? LOL, I don't know. I said I'd be in line and on the ship....

Then he was gone!

I wasn't thinking, I should have said I'd go with him. He ended up leading some super tour. I asked around and everyone I talked to knew just who he was - but I was always one step behind. It was like a scavenger hunt.

Then the damn NG people whisked him off to some impromptu meeting. I was tempted to demand his room key and go to his hotel for a nap and try to meet for dinner. But I was too tired.

Now there will be a list of demands for the next christening/commissioning he is involved in.

So that was my lesson learned....once he grabs my hand, I should never let go!

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