Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to the USMC!

There is a great post over at USNI Blog that you shouldn't miss.

"Happy Birthday, Marines!" by UltimaRatioRegis ('The king's final argument')

And from a new Navy blog, "The Pressures of Time..." there is this -

"234th Marine Corps Birthday"

I was teasing one of my Sailors and I said "Did you kiss any Marines today? It's their birthday." He said he'd leave that to me. Then the conversation turned to the Fort Hood incident and I pointed out an excellent post, also by URR "Cowardice, Not Blindness"

"Dang! Who wrote that shit?" says the BMC. I explain that it is my Marine. "Give that Marine a little MORE than a kiss then."


Benjamin Walthrop said...

Thanks for the link.


Yer Marine said...

Well, that's great news for the author of that post.... I am sure he is smiling. Happy Birthday to that undoubtedly charming and rogueishly handsome Marine.