Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bakers without Borders

Picking up where we left off yesterday.

Saturday evening after we finished up with the cook-out and packed up ConcreteBob's was time for dessert. All afternoon Molly and Katy of Yellow Bowl Bakery had been tormenting us with descriptions of what they brought. Now let me be specific. When I say "brought", I mean what they pulled the extra seats out of their minivan, loaded it up and drove TEN hours to offer dessert to the wounded warriors of Malogne House and their families and the staff. It was quite the undertaking.

So we went inside and watched these two dynamos start churning out treats. Cakes and cupcakes were frosted on site. I mentioned to Mary it was like our own episode of "Cake Boss" but without the turmoil. Everyone was so happy and upbeat. Molly and Katy made it look easy and laughed and joked with people as they worked.

After a few moments of stunned silence Mary, Olga, Lisa and I shook ourselves and jumped in to help. We unwrapped blueberry oatmeal, pumpkin and Kentucky Bourbon pies - nearly twenty of them. We started cutting carrot cake and coconut sheet cake. There were chocolate chip cookies, brownies, little red velvet cupcakes with real butter cream frosting. Some people wandered in, overwhelmed by the sight. When anyone tried to take just one thing, I would admonish them to "Take a plate, we're going to load you up!". Mary was beside me cutting the "Texas sheet cake". We were curious, so Mary tried it....and she was hooked! I only needed to look at her face to know I wanted some too. After that we were pushing Texas sheet cake hard! You know it had to be awesome for someone from Boston to praise something named "Texas" anything!

Some people hesitated at the door and I would just yell over "Come on over here!" Believe me, it would have been a crime for anyone to miss this! There were little kids whose faces lit up when they saw the cookies and tiny cupcakes.

I tried to tell people I made it all, but Mary, Lisa and Olga kept correcting me and pointing out Katy & Molly.

Once the lines thinned out, we went and sat with some very happy people. In particular, I liked talking with Sam, a young man who has family in Massachusetts that he will be visiting for Thanksgiving.

ConcreteBob was filming and if you are his friend on Facebook, you can see a four minute video of the setup. In the video you see one of the carts that hotel bellmen use to move was full of empty bakery boxes. That's how much stuff these generous and thoughtful young ladies hauled in from Indiana.

Again I would refer you to LaughingWolf's great write-up at BlackFive.

I had such a good time hanging with my peeps, meeting people from blogs that I have known online, and meeting people at Malogne house. The wounded warriors, their families and caregivers were all so welcoming. It was embarrassing to be thanked. Seriously, it was our pleasure.

This was phase II of "Cooking With the Wounded" follow the link and read about phase I. Then you will want to help raise funds for phase III!!! I want to go!

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