Sunday, November 29, 2009

Spa Sunday and Mistaken Texts

****UPDATE**** Lily's was such fun. We had a very good time. There are pictures of glamorous women all over the walls including several shots of Coco Chanel. I mentioned to Lily that I had gone to see the movie at Plimoth Plantation last night. She said she wanted to see it and I told her she must!!
The Mario Bedescu rep that was doing the facials was laughing at my sisters and I. She said "You guys have a good time, huh?" I told her we did and we were very lucky. We are.
Ok, first off, people should text from their own phones so I don't get confused.

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Lily's in Plymouth. Lily's is this great little shop in Plymouth where they pride themselves in not just selling you something, but selling you the right something. It's in the old post office in downtown Plymouth and the counter is in front of all the old post office boxes. It's charming, it's unique and Lily...the owner proprietor is just such a nice person.
I started going in there for little things back in 2003. My weight was up, I wasn't working out, I was at a place in my life that was dull. I woke up and went on Atkins, joined a gym and started getting out more. Lily is part of my post-2003 life. Since the cancer DX though, I haven't been in much. In 2008 my income dropped $13,000. In 2009 it has dropped another $17,000. So, of course even *I* can't justify perfumed soaps and lipstick when my house is going to be foreclosed. I do have one foot in the real world....ok, maybe it's a few toes.

But I am still on her email list. Two weeks ago she announced a Mario Badescu event. This is a line of very reasonably priced skin care products that is good with my skin. The offer was 30 minute facial for $10 each.

My family cancelled the Christmas grab last year because of my financial woes. So I thought this would be great to make up for no cool Christmas presents from me for my nieces.

Kelly couldn't make it, she is working. So I made appointments for Gen, Deb, Jen and I. Grace and my mother weren't interested, but were going to join us for lunch.

Well, my mother backed out first. It's a long way to drive and hang without a soft seat nearby.

This morning I got a couple of texts from Jennifer and Deb. But one text wasn't from Deb, it was Gen using Deb's phone. So I thought, Debbie was sick and Gen (who sleeps in Deb's room when she is home from college) wasn't coming either to keep from spreading germs.

But no, Gen went back to school early and Jen wasn't feeling well.

So I just hung up from my second phone call to Lily's to say I am only cancelling one appointment, not two. Good thing they don't expect too much from me!

I called Rachael to see if she wanted the fourth appointment, but I just missed her.

So I am off to dress for our slightly abbreviated Girl's Afternoon.

If you are ever in Plymouth.....stop in Lily's. Especially if you are a guy looking for a unique gift. Lily always takes care of Frankie.

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Kanani said...

I hope you had a really good time. Financial woes are awful. We went through 12 years of this when we had the practice. I am still paying off a business loan from it, even though we closed last year.

Things will get better. They have to. And a $10 facial is worth driving a long distance!