Friday, November 27, 2009

Sometimes My Marine Is So Smug

My brother-in-law was discussing a lack of available ammunition. I was sitting at his computer, so I said "Oh, let me ask someone that question." I emailed My Marine.

He is very excited because I am showing interest in things gun related. He is convinced if he can only get me out on the gun range he can A) teach me to be proficient and B) I will love it. I have patiently explained over and over that I am not interested. He won't give up.

There is an exchange and I ask for clarification on a certain point. And that jackass comes back with "....bullets. (The pointy thingies that come out and make holes in people)" I write back and say he is a jackass. He says that's my answer to everything. I reply "I may not shoot for recreation. I may not know much about ammunition....but I am still one of the smartest non-gun people you have ever met."

He comes back and agees that I am. So of course, I am pleased. But it's followed by a second email "But is that like being the best hockey player in Panama?"

See? He is a jackass.

Sometimes I think I should never have succumbed to the peer pressure in Seattle and shot those guns.


Lemon Stand said...

OH!!! That is too funny! It sounds JUST like my jack... er husband. :)

Yer (smug) Marine said...

But you posted pictures of yourself shooting those guns.... so somewhere, deep down, you know I am right. You'll like it.

Your mouth says "no no", but there is "oui oui" in your eye. (You forgot to post that one!)

Besides, you had tasked me once upon a time to try and keep your gargantuan and easily-inflated ego in check. Just doin' my job, ma'am.

You laughed anyway. Admit it.

BostonMaggie said...

LOL! I didn't post it because such and exchange -

"Your mouth says "no no", but there is "oui oui" in your eye."

when it's not about sex, but it's about guns is just RIDICULOUS!

I shot those guns under duress and it did nothing for me. If you go read the post about that day you will see I was much more excited about Walt Gaya's bakery than anything else.

We all met for breakfast that morning before going to the shooting place. I had stopped along the way and picked up a water pistol. I tucked it in the small of my back in the waist band of my skirt. Everyone was discussing the weapons they brought. I announced I was ready for the day, stood and pulled out my pistol.

Yer Marine said...

Oh jeez.....

That joke isn't about sex! Say it fast to yourself!