Saturday, May 30, 2009

Because The Great & Powerful Princess Crabby Commands It?

LOL! I love my illusions!
I was reading about an author a few months ago - David O. Stewart. His latest book is "Impeached" the story of Andrew Johnson's impeachment trial in 1868. I followed the link to his web page. I looked up his book tour. Boston was not on the schedule.


I emailed him
Subject: Your Book Tour
How can you skip Boston?

He answered -
I hope to be in Boston in the second week of June -- any ideas for places to speak?
David Stewart
Seriously? Do I have ideas? LOL!

Of course I have ideas! LOL I am a member of the
Bostonian Society. They maintain the Old State House, a beautiful historical building in Boston (the site of the Boston Massacre). You should speak there.

Lectures are given in the upstairs hall. This is the same room where James Otis argued against the British Writs of Assistance.

Contact Adele Barbato, she is the office manager. 617-720-1713.

If that's not possible there is the Rabb lecture hall at the
Boston Public Library (617-536-5400). Or the Old South Meetinghouse (617-482-6439).

I have also attended author events at the Harvard Bookstore and Harvard Coop. However they are not in Boston, they are in Cambridge.

Today I got my "The Old South Meeting House e-DIAL" and guess who is speaking and signing books on June 15th?????


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