Sunday, June 10, 2007

They Roll and Clank, Baby!!!!!!!

I'm sitting here sunburnt and exhausted. What a lot of fun I had today!

It started on the drive into Charlestown with Jen, we were laughing about the new team mascot at her work, Otis. Jen & I are so not "animal" people. Oh well.

So we get up there and greet all the relatives. Soon enough it's time for the parade. We head up to the corner. Our chairs are by the curb, one under a tree to give my mother some shade. I always enjoy the parade. It's usually sunny and warm. It's the kickoff to the summer. My extended family is nearby, lot's of people who've moved away come back for the day. Between greeting people and watching the parade, there is a lot to do. Anyway.....

Six Naval officers pass in the parade. We clap. Of course........we're a Navy family! Then after they pass I see a banner from the USS Constitution. Hey! I wonder if the new CO of the Constitution was in that group? I dash up to the next block where they are temporarily stopped.

I grab the first officer. "Where's Bullard?" I get a confused "What?". "Bullard. Which one is Bullard?" I ask again. He looks confused "I am." He shakes my hand, I look at his name tag. "Chip Miller". "You're not Bullard." and I laugh. "Oh, I thought you said Bullet, it's my call sign." He points down the line to the tall officer with the moustache. "He's Bullard."

I move down to the officer he pointed to and shake his hand "Congratulations, Commander Bullard. I've read your stuff at [insert name is super secret Navy website] and you are the balls!" He is completely startled (is anyone surprised?) and asks "How do you know me?" I laugh and answer "Nevermind!" the parade begins to move and he has to go with it.

I run back to my family just in time for a whole group of officers and sailors to be in front of us. I start whooping and yelling and clappping. We all do. I yell to my nieces and nephews to yell louder. I yell "Go Navy!", "Navy leads the way!". Then the sailors start to respond and yell back. Hats were thrown in the air. IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!

We were generous with our applause with all the military and the firefighters. It was a great parade. My uncle Walter comes down to our spot. "What were you doing chasing those sailors?" We laugh and I explain who he is. Jennifer asks if I asked for a spot on the July 4th TurnAround cruise. I said I hadn't thought of it. Besides, I didn't think I was that bold. Everyone laughed. They seemed to think I was that bold. Hmmmmmm

When the parade was over we all went back down to my parents house. I asked my Dad if he thought the parade had made it to it's final destination, the Training Field. He didn't think so. I decided to see if I was that bold. I walked up to the Monument and down to the Training Field. there he was. He was speaking with another officer. I stepped into his line of sight. He finished talking and turned to me, laughing. Thank Heaven's! Otherwise I could have been hauled off for stalking, LOL. "How do you know me?" I laughed and told him that I knew he was a great Red Sox fan. Then I said "This is where we find out how much gumption I have. Can you get me a spot on the July 4th TurnAround cruise?" They all laugh, there are still two officer with him. We go back and forth about the super secret site, he is trying to guess who I know. I name the administrator.........hmmm.....that goes over pretty well. Then they ask if I am with a certain group that causes trouble on the site. "Hey, if you're with them, you won't get a spot!" I laugh and assure them I am not. We go back and forth for a bit more. Then I tell him that I have had drinks in the French Quarter with the Ogre!! and that appears to buy me some credibility. Cdr. Bullard tells me to drop him a line andhe'll see what he can do.

So, I head back to the house............I was starving. I told my family the story between bites of my sister-in-law's chicken salad. My mother was mad at me that I wouldn't eat potato salad. I explained that I was being good on Atkin. She told me to be good tomorrow!

Now we big are Princess Crabby's cajones? They roll and clank, baby!

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Homefront Six said...

Aw hell! I could have TOLD everyone that. You didn't have to try to weasel your way into a spot to prove it. Sheesh.

hee hee