Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Little Present From a Total Stranger!

This guy, mccaf001, has 139 videos up on YouTube. Fortunately for me, 18 of them are 10 minutes chunks of "In Harm's Way". I watched a bunch last night and stayed up past my bedtime. I'm listening to the rest now.

How can you not love John Wayne?

This clip shows Rock Torrey (John Wayne) meeting and talking to nurse Lt. Maggie Haynes (Patricia Neal). I can remember as a little girl watching this movie with my Dad. He would explain all the Navy stuff. I can remember watching John Wayne in those dress whites and thinking "Yeah! I want that!" LOL
At 7:56 in this clip she tells him to call her "Maggie" and he does...........YIKES!
Guess how many times I played that part of the clip?


Steeljaw Scribe said...

My favorite line - CDR Eddington (Kirk Douglas) to CAPT Torrey (Wayne):

"Old Rock of Ages, we've got ourselves another war. A gut bustin', mother-lovin' Navy war."


BostonMaggie said...

Ha! Yes! I left comments in almost every segment of the movie. That line comes up in Segment 3
And I pointed it out as one of my favorites.
I understand why *my* favorite line (any time Rock says "Maggie") would not hold the same appeal for you, lol.

Anathema said...

I once made the mistake of showing the Pearl Harbor scene to a newly qualified Command Duty Officer. The scene where the destroyer is getting underway and if they slow down to let the CO and XO back aboard they are afraid they won't make it out of the everyone pretends to not see the launch behind them.

I was very happy when I came in to work on Monday and the ship was still parked where we'd left her in this capable officer's hands. :)