Thursday, August 09, 2007

I Just Got......

*******Update 08/17/07 this conference call was cancelled****
....this email from the State Department.

Assistant Secretary of African Affairs Jendayi Frazer will brief the press on U.S.-Eritrea Relations Wednesday, August 15 at 3PM.

The press conference call briefing will provide print media and key bloggers with an update on U.S.-Eritrea relations following the recent release of a U.N. report detailing the flow of weapons in the Horn of Africa.

If interested, please contact me by Tuesday, August 14 for conference call-in information.


"Key bloggers"? Who are they talking to? LOL I am terribly flattered to have made this list. Of course, I have no idea how I did. The funny thing is, I know who this speaker is. I have heard her on CSpan and NPR. She is very impressive. I wonder if I can carve out the time at work to listen.


Anonymous said...

Who cares about Jendayi Frazer. We Eritrean don't expect any good word from her!! We don’t have time for her. We are busy to build our country.
Long Live Eritrea!!

BillT said...

Okaaaaay, so it looks like you're officially a key blogger, as far as the SD's Eritria Desk is concerned.

I've had a Slovenian commenter, but the only things I get from Africa are updates on my vast holdings in the Nigerian alluvial gold fields...

BostonMaggie said...

Well, I am just tickled that the State Department noticed me! You can't pay enough attention to me!

As far as my anonymous commenter goes........sitemeter says you posted your comment from inside the United States. I am impressed you are able to rebuild a country from that distance. Further, you should care about Jendayi Frazer. You should care about everyone who wants to help you. You are going to need a lot of help and you would do well to watch yourself, sir.

BillT said...

You are going to need a lot of help...

...particularly in the grammar department.

SAM said...


You are telling the wrong people they need help from the US. Eritreans do not want US's help. That is why they kicked USAID out of their country. Perhaps? You might be the one that is requiring help, seeing that SD has put you in a situation you know nothing of.

and billt please try to grow up.


Jacob said...

Jandayi Frazer is a classic example of the US government’s utter disgust towards the Africans. It seems to me Africa is where the inexperienced and immature US diplomats start their career. They get their education at the cost of thousands of innocent lives. One needs only look at the current crisis in Somalia objectively to understand what I meant by my statement. I hope your readers are independent and thoughtful enough not to take the government’s words at its face value. It is always important to go back a few years and examine how the Somali crisis developed. I have followed the developments in the Horn of Africa for the past 20 years and I can assure you what Jandayi Frazer will tell you today will not be the truth. She will feed you with information that will serve an agenda which has and will continue to worsen the situation in the Horn of Africa. She is partly responsible for the many lives that are being lost on the streets of the Somali daily. The weeks prior to the US-Ethiopian invasion of Somalia, Eritrea was accused of having 2000 of its soldiers in Somalia. That claim was not true, because no one was able to confirm it following the total take over of Somalia by the Ethiopians in a matter of days. You see Eritrea doesn’t border Somalia and logistically it will be near impossible for a poor nation like Eritrea to air lift over 2000 soldiers out of Somalia without anyone noticing especially given the US had a number of highly equipped ships and not to mention the many satellites that are keeping an eye on the very volatile Middle East region. The two possibilities are either Jandayi Frazer and the SD were lying or the Eritreans have developed the fictional Star Trek technology of teleportation making people appear and disappear instantaneously.

BostonMaggie said...

Sam - I have addressed your commenters in another post.

Jacob - I am not real big into conspiracy theories and while I don't beleive everything the government tells me.....there's not a big plot to lie to me.

Now I'm sorry I can't listen to the teleconference. i hope it's replayed on CSpan.