Sunday, August 19, 2007


So, sometimes people who blog have trolls. I am so small and inconsequential that I have not had that problem. I once had a commenter that was so wound up over her favorite author that she read bad intent into a post, but we worked it out. There is no tone in email or posts. If you heard the words come out of my mouth you would get my attitude much more clearly than reading my words. I guess that's why I am not a famous author. Anyway, I finally got a real live troll. Geez, it's about time, I'm closing in on 30,000 visitors!

He/she/it was upset that I had not properly credited the post about "Levels of Boston Irishness". The troll was very nasty about it, bad attitude, bad language, the whole 9 yards. So I thought if I just explained my side of it, it would be over. The troll and I found out about the actual author, Jerry Thornton of BarStool Sports the same way, from an anonymous commenter. I followed the link which the commenter helpfully supplied and read the whole article, which is even funnier than the list. You should read it. I also updated the post to reflect this newly acquired knowledge.

If you read this blog you know I am all about the links. I am quite upfront when I steal stuff.......and I usually give it a title that reflects my larcenous tendencies. For example "Stealing Stuff", I think that's pretty up front. Or, "Stealing Stuff From The Castle", and "Stealing Stuff From Lex". Although sometimes I do try to sneak, as in "Shhhhh!" but I think Uncle Jimbo is ok with it.

I have never knowingly plagarized anyone, I couldn't be bothered. I'm not here to impress anyone. I write this for my own amusement and that of my friends. If you like it.....swell! If you comment, even better. If you don't..... Oh Well! I could give a fat rat's ass!

The author, Mr. Thornton, also views this matter in a very different way. I emailed him as soon as I found out about his post. I told him that I had received part of his article in an email, which for the record, I did note in my post - it was in an email from SB. He emailed back asking for a link to my blog and saying that he found it interesting when something he wrote bounces around the internet. So, unlike the troll, he understands that sometimes you don't know an actual author. It's the nature of these emails we all get. The other thing I find amusing is when I get the same email from two different people who are not connected. I am always amused when I get an email from my cousin Chrissie and then a day or two later the same email from a MilBlog friend. It's like seeing what washes up on the beach, carried by different currents from different starting places and ending up together on my beach.

So, what is the conclusion of all this? I have had to enable comment moderation. After I explained my side of things in the comments, the troll came back just as vicious. So, I erased the trolls two comments and one of my replies and now every comment has to get my approval before appearing. It's not that big a deal, I don't get that many comments.


Teresa said...

Good heavens some people need to get a life! I can't believe the stuff people get angry about to the point of it being necessary to ban them. Sorry you got hit up by such a loser - OTOH - you can now proudly proclaim to be stalked by a troll. *grin*

BostonMaggie said...

LOL, I should wear it as a badge of honor? I didn't know bloggers got hazed!

BillT said...

Actually, you can have more fun by altering a troll's comments to make them appear

a. fawningly complimentary (which drives them up a wall) or

b. functionally illiterate (which drives them back under the bridge -- if they're smart enough to realize they can't sneak comments under the door).

Or not. You pay the rent, you make the rules.

BostonMaggie said...

Alter the comments????? I haven't figured out how to make a blogroll yet. My darling Chief, you over estimate my skills outside of the bedroom!

Teresa said...

Oh absolutely alter comments for fun and frivolity... although I haven't looked at blogger for a while. Somewhere the comments are listed along with the post. I know people who alter comments of trolls.

Me - I've only had one or 2 that I recall (like you I'm a "small blogger") and usually I leave their first one up with a warning and my follow up that criticizes them for being a moron... then I delete any that come after. *grin*

I figure it makes them even more nutso when they can't respond to my takedown. When they email - I politely tell them they can get their own blog for free - they aren't wasting my pixels for their drivel. ;-)

BillT said...

My darling Chief, you over estimate my skills outside of the bedroom!


I leave the western hemisphere and *now* I get an upgrade from "baby" to "darling"?

Hmmmm -- might be worthwhile extending...

Pia said...

I have nothing of worth to say, I just want to see if I'll get accepted. (Yes, it's a slow morning at the compound)

SK said...

"If you heard the words come out of my mouth you would get my attitude"

THAT is the funniest thing I've read all week!!

Jerry Thornton said...

Yes, I'm the author of the "Boston Irish" piece Maggie thought enough of to post. And no, I'm not offended she didn't attribute it to me, though I do appreciate that she took the time to redo it when she found out it was me.
I'm grateful also to the anonymous troll who pointed out it was originally my piece, because such people are helpful. They help police the web in an often positive way. For instance, the Globe football writer, who was virulently anti-Bill Belichick, and therefore evil in my eyes, got fired for lifting things verbatim from another writer. Mike Barnicle anyone? I'm also a comic, which is a self-policing industry. Some guys are pure, thieving sponges (Carlos Mencia, Robin Williams), but others think every bit every other guy does was stolen from them. It's insane.
At the same time, I've been called out on the Barstool Sports blog by people accusing me of lifting. A QB gets his picture taken leaving a slutty hotel heiresses house, I post the photo, and I get accused of stealing it, like a news photo belongs to only one site.
I'm flattered that you thought enough of my work to post it. And to attach my name to it when you found out the source. But mostly I'm not cheesed off because I don't mess with redhead Townie chicks with guns.
I like the blog. Keep it up.

BostonMaggie said...

Teresa - Of course you handled it calmly. You are far too rational to do otherwise.

My Darling Chief - It just took me a bit to get over the fact that you wouldn't come to the Milblog Conference so I could flash you in person.

Pia - RedSox fans get a pass even when they have nothing to say.

Can you all tell SK has "heard the words come out of my mouth"? (She showed up at the MilBlog Conference, MDC)

Jerry - I love you.