Saturday, October 04, 2008

Finally, Something Went My Way Today

Took long enough.

PBS is running the "The Searchers". I flipped on the TV just as John Wayne comes out of the canyon where he has found Lucy's body. One of the most powerful scenes in a great movie. People who say he wasn't a great actor are talking out of their hat.

So, let's see.....started off the day with this.

Still can't shake the stupid cold. Two weeks and it's still here. I understand the reasons. I understand my depressed immune system. Doesn't mean I'm not a whiny as any four year old.

Misbehaving computers and alarm at work took up a good part of my day.

Then Atkins took a swan dive.

There were other things.....but not things I'd go into here.

It's made me cranky and I was snippy at the Castle and the Phibian's place.

So now I am in a slightly better mood. Wayne does that to me.

I'm going to make some cookies and a casserole to take to my neighbor's house tomorrow.

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