Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Look At This Picture

I took it with my cell phone on October 1st as a lark. Just under the word "administration" you can barely see the writing on the bottle. It says "Revlimid ??mg"

I thought then and for the next 21 days that it said "Revlimid 10mg".

Now CuraScripts is telling me it said "Revlimid 25mg"

Ok, I know this is super blurry......because I am completely hysterical. The pill I have now clearly says "25mg".
In order to believe that I made a mistake on October 1st. In order to believe that I misread the must believe that for 21 days, I put a pill in my mouth that said "25mg" and never noticed it, even though I thought I was on "10mg".

I am flightly and careless and unobservant. But I am also smart and I was paying attention and I don't believe them.

Why am I hysterical?

Because this last round completely SUCKED. If it was that awful on 10mg. It will now be two and half times worse.


Stella by Starlight said...

Damn it, Maggie, I'm so sorry. Hopefully, your new dose won't be 2.5 times as bad. Perhaps your body is used to the 10 mg dose and you took 25 mg since October, which may have been less difficult to tolerate as a result. Do you have your med bottle from September?

Flighty people are usually the most intelligent because they have so much on their mind. You're right, Maggie. You're smart. Emotions are different: feel what you need to feel. It's OK.

BostonMaggie said...

this was the first bottle. I started October 1st and that pic is all that's left of that first bottle.

We move on.

Tomorrow I start taking them no matter what the answer was.

Stella by Starlight said...

We have our jousts, but you know I think of you with kindness and wish you well. You are wise to say "we move on."

Anonymous said...

You can do this.


B. Walthrop