Sunday, October 26, 2008

Joel Dykstra For US Senate - South Dakota

Joel Dykstra is running as a Republican for a Senate seat in South Dakota and that alone would garner him my support barring something bad. You see, I believe that to have good government, you need a mix of opinions. You need balance in places like the Senate. No supermajorities. So, in the current political climate, having more Republicans in the Senate is good on it's face.
However, there is a better reason to back Mr. Dykstra's candidacy. He has experience with one of the great issues facing our country today. Energy.
Joel spent his early career in the oil and gas industry, gaining important insight into global energy. He spent 10 years as a Petroleum Landman for the U.S. subsidiaries of British oil companies based in Tulsa, OK. He accepted a promotion to the head office of LASMO, plc, in London, England, where he served as the International Business Coordinator for five years. He was then appointed CEO of LASMO’s Italian subsidiary in Rome, Italy – a position he held for four years before returning to his home state of South Dakota. Through his domestic and international business experience, he brings innovative ideas to the ongoing national debate on alternative fuel sources. (from his campaign bio found here.)
Energy is an issue that is interwoven with our most basic issue - national security. There are people who look at the price at the pump and think "Gee, I'll have to cut back somewhere....maybe eating out. Maybe pass up those new shoes I saw at the store." and there are others who see that and think, "Someone in another country, who does not have America's interest at heart is controlling that price." Some people get that the energy we consume can be a weapon against us because of how we obtain it and how we finance it. Energy is an important issue with no *one* solution. It needs to be a multilateral approach; conservation, alternative energy development, nuclear, and ...........exploration and development of our resources.
To get the best possible result on that last part, you need people with experience. You need someone who understands the difference between what we produce and what we *can* produce. We need more people in decision making positions who possess the background to make the right decisions in these matters.
I remember reading once about a Congressman from Florida who was against natural gas exploration off the coast of Florida for fear of a "spill". I thought - "What? What did he just say?" But you know, even though I recognized the problem with that bit of ignorance, there is a whole lot I don't know.
Joel Dykstra would be a great choice for one of those Senate committees where such proposals would be discussed. When people who come to testify before his committee, Joel would not have to wait for an aide to Google the answer and slip him a piece of paper. He would understand what was being said. That would make his questions more intelligent, which would help his fellow Senators.
Joel's thoughts on America's future energy policy can be found here.
Joel is also in a position to be a good advocate for South Dakota. Again in this regard, he brings something unique to the table. He was raised in South Dakota, but lived in other places. That's good for your perspective. His loyalty to his home state was evidenced by his move back home with his family. Not a carpetbagger - not sheltered, he's balanced.
He and I are sympatico on borders and GWOT - it's always good to be in line with Princess Crabby, lol.
His campaign website is here.
A recent campaign ad is here.

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