Monday, October 27, 2008

VFW-PAC Endorsed Murtha? What the Efffff?

What were they thinking!

Fortunately Vets For Freedom are on top of this. They are out there calling attention to this travesty and trying to get it rescinded.

Open Letter from Vets for Freedom PAC to VFW-PAC:
“Rescind Endorsements of John Murtha and Patrick Murphy”

Go read this. If you are as horrified as I am and you know someone in the VFW, call them, write them. Do something!!!!

Pete Hegeseth also has an opinion piece up on the website that you should read.

Someone tell VFW-PAC what VFW stands for

Sometimes I see how things could happen. You follow the events, you consider the circumstances and you say ..........."Well ........maybe they were thinking.........." this or that.

But after what John Murtha has done and said regarding the Haditha Marines........I don't understand at all!

Vote Russell for Congress '08

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Anonymous said...

Maggie this happens all the time in unions and the like the group gets so big the money gets so big the people at the top forget why their there? I left the Firefighters union years ago when they Supported liberal after liberal and not once was I ever sent a survey or asked my opinion.I'm sure Murtha dump alot of money their way so all is forgiven. Well I'm a Vet if I ever meet him I will tell him that he is a traitor to this country and his uniform